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salt delivery

We have teamed up with BrineTek Salt Delivery for your salt delivery needs! 

BrineTek is a family owned and operated, Full Service Salt Delivery Company that services Hotels,
Resorts, Hospitals, Restaurants, Grocery Stores, and any other type of commercial water softening applications.

They buy, store, deliver, and load the salt, leaving you with less overhead, more space, more time and less hassle. They use Commercial Grade Water Softening Salt Pellets. Pellets are recommended by the manufacturer as they are better for your system and can reduce your operating costs. Brinetek's delivery schedule is consistent and reliable.They fill your brine tanks quickly and proficiently, saving you time and hassle. They also test your water hardness at every visit to ensure your systems are operating correctly. They'll keep the area around your system neat and tidy to ensure your facility is looking its best. Brinetek is there to serve and take care of you so you can better serve and take care of your customer. They pride themselves on good communication with their customers so they know what is going on.

Contact us today for more information on pricing.

*Full pallet drop off available upon request.
*additional charge for hand unload